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SmartTests.Assertions Namespace

The SmartTests.Assertions namespace contains predefined Smart Assertions you should use in your unit test methods.
Public classChangeAssertions
Helper class to test changes of properties/indexers.
Public classChangedToAssertions
Helper class to test changes of properties/indexers.
Public classNotChangedAssertions
Helper class to test properties/fields do not change in the Act of your test.
Public classPropertyChangedAssertions
Helper class to test actual changes of properties/indexers.
Public classRaiseAssertions
Helper class to test standard event (EventHandler compatible) raise.
Public classThrowAssertions
Helper class to test Exception throw.
Public classWaitAssertions
Helper class to test asynchronous tests.
Public classWithinAssertions
Helper class to test duration of Act part of your test.
Public enumerationNotChangedKind
Specifies flags that control what is tested for non-changes.